Moving from basic campaigns to award winning multichannel engagements

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Working with a global financial services client, we designed and implemented an award-winning engagement framework that was delivered across multiple digital channels. Activity was aligned to clearly defined business objectives and outcomes included increased engagement metrics across all channels, significantly improved customer experience and revenues that could be directly attributed to the campaign influence.

Our client is a Global Asset Management company in the investment management industry, a sector with an increasing focus on delivering personalised customer engagements, enabled by automation technologies and joined up processes.

The aim from the outset was to improve the relevance and levels of personalisation within the campaign; moving from single-touch, simple targeted email campaigns, to customer-centric, segmentation-based multichannel marketing. This was to be delivered whilst ensuring consistency across the region; the specific product focus was adapted to local markets however the structure and overall messaging remained consistent.

The campaign was delivered in five languages and was distributed across a range of channels including social, display and email. It was a ‘first’ for the organisation and set new benchmarks for what could be achieved from regional campaigns. Results included:

  • Social engagement rates 5.2X the LinkedIn benchmark rate.
  • Email click through rates 20%+
  • Awarded “Best Use of Data” at an industry awards

Traditional marketing approaches struggling to engage customers effectively

Things are changing in the Financial Services market… and Investment management customers are changing. They know what they want, they are saturated with information however the opportunity for them to carry out their own research to enable informed decision-making is on the increase. As such, the need for digital transformation is becoming increasingly important.

Previously, our client had focused on single-touch campaigns via email, using simple targeting approaches such as region, or more commonly lists from sales managers heads. Clear metrics were not always defined, and reporting was often an afterthought – the focus was on getting a communication out of the door within tight timelines.

The Marketing team identified an opportunity to engage with each client in a more personalised way and to improve visibility through measurements of marketing’s contribution to the business.

Reaching, engaging and building a dialogue

Working with our client, we identified three core audiences for the campaign;

  • Known and engaged
  • Known but inactive
  • Unknown

The campaign was a simple nurture structure – each stage providing increased detailed information. Designing the campaign structure was highly collaborative with input from marketing, content, and sales.

  • Phase 1: focus on the customer need, using easy-to-consume content to position the brand
  • Phase 2: more personalisation introducing information segmented by contact function and interests
  • Phase 3: in- depth product information to enable the contact to make an informed decision about their potential investment.

Each phase includes a ‘contact us’ option to identify and ‘fast track’ immediate interest.

The campaign moved the marketing team forward in their thinking and in their confidence. It highlighted the benefits of the new approach and the increased impact marketing could deliver to generating interest and sales opportunities.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is not a bad thing – it’s a way to progress and improve. Don’t be afraid of failure, as the learning tends to lead to the greatest successes.

A ‘test and learn’ approach was embedded from the beginning– for example:

  • New channels and way so reaching their audience
  • Use of more granular targeting across various audience types
  • A/B testing to learn about audience preferences
  • Use of forms to gate valuable content and generate leads

Award winning campaign and business results

  • Email open and click through rates far exceeded the average rates previously seen across marketing emails at times, with rates of over 20%
  • Social engagement rates reached 1.56%, which is 5.2 times the LinkedIn benchmark of 0.3%
  • Display advertising and Newsletters drove significant interest.
  • The leads passed to sales were well received and led to several valuable conversations – and recognised revenue.

This campaign won “Best Use of Data” at an industry recognised awards, based on its success at driving tangible results for the business.

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