The new breed of meaningful marketer -simplify, plan more and do less

For many in the marketing industry, success has been previously measured and defined on the amount of output, activity and “stuff being done”.

Times, however, have changed.

There is less resource, and, certainly in a coronavirus world, less budget, meaning marketers will have to take a far more considered view. Econsultancy reports that 82% of large enterprises globally have cut hiring budgets due to the pandemic, with nearly a quarter believing that marketing departments had been ‘significantly’ impacted on an efficiency level due to the reduction of staff, thereby compromising their ability to achieve current goals.

The report also found that nearly half of respondents (48%) noted that marketers are being shifted between teams to meet new demands.

So, with all this extra pressure and newly pivoted, multitasking roles in our ‘new normal’, socially distanced world, how can marketers get the most value and impact from their martech?

A programmatic approach
Firstly, a more programmatic approach to marketing is needed, rather than a quick fire one. Thinking long term and strategically is key, especially in the current environment.

Opt for programs with longevity, that can provide a backbone to the engagement framework, without constantly having to be updated. These can then be layered with tactical ‘immediate demand’ campaigns to meet the current business demand, but always backed up by the ‘always-in’ programs that provide the constant.

Next, take a full review of your martech. Do you a/ have a full understanding of what you have and b/ is it providing value? Most organisations don’t know what technology they have in place and therefore don’t understand its full capabilities or in many cases even who has access to it. Does it support your requirements to capture data or deliver a relevant and personalised experience to your customers?

Look at revenue and plan your activity in alignment with your sales teams to ensure you are generating demand of the right type. Segment and use dynamic content to ensure your messaging is relevant and that it can be updated without impacting the whole program.

Get the balance right and be meaningful
In martech, there is a very fine line between getting it right and wrong; too much and your voice is saturated, not enough and your brand is lost. It’s imperative to get the assets right, that are visible at the right time to the right customer. Sending meaningless marketing materials that generate little impact will not tick any boxes or provide ROI and can negate the brand and message.

Meaningful marketing is driven by a new breed of marketer. It’s a proven approach that delivers on the bottom line, tailored to your customer and their needs. Based on data and analytics, combined with powerful content and story telling that resonates, and an in-depth understanding of what drives the buyer to take action will connect you to your customer, at a time when you need it most. And there is light at the end of the tunnel. As Ewan McIntyre, vice president, analyst at Gartner for Marketers said, “I think really, this should be an opportunity for marketing to be able to show that it can be fiscally responsible as well.”



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