Customer Engagement

Understanding changing needs at every stage of decision making

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  • Technology Optimisation
  • Process Design
  • Customer Engagement
  • Organisational Alignment

Identifying interests and influencing behaviour

Only by understanding customer’s changing requirements at every stage of their decision making, can we deliver relevant information and insight to influence their behaviour and nurture their interest.

From identifying intent to nurturing interest, engagement frameworks are designed to deliver across multiple channels to guide individuals through their decision-making.

Captured learnings are shared across the organisation to enable increasingly relevant and personalised experiences, tracking the impact of each interaction to inform future investment decisions.

Interest is identified early in any engagement to ensure the right information is provided to the right customer groups, across all potential touchpoints.

  • Customer lifestage management
  • Engagement frameworks
  • Customer profiling & data capture

Delivering to the challenge

Working with a global IT organisation, we introduced ‘intent’ to focus engagement activity based on customer interest. We designed a full engagement framework across a range of channels, to ensure that contacts in the right accounts were engaged with content they wanted, at the right time in their buyer journey.

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