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End-to-end processes to drive internal alignment

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  • Technology Optimisation
  • Process Design
  • Customer Engagement
  • Organisational Alignment

Creating internal 'handshakes'

We are operating in a new world with different rules, not the old world with new constraints.

Data is captured and generated in multiple locations. Consent and preferences is captured across multiple channels and must be synchronised across platforms and systems to enable consistent experiences to be delivered to customers.

Clearly defined and robustly managed processes drives internal alignment and enables each function to manage a customer through specific stages of their decision process, attributing success to the right initiatives.

Processes are designed and operationalised to align your customer-facing teams, delivering the right information to the right team in near-real time.

  • End-to-end lead management
  • Consent & preference management
  • Reporting & attribution tracking

Delivering to the challenge

Working with a global financial services organisation, we designed and implemented a preference centre that incorporated fully compliant GDPR opt-in processes. The solution was built across the marketing automation and CRM platforms ensuring that all customer facing teams were working to a single view of the customer.

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