Achieving GDPR compliance while delivering customer insights

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Working with a global financial services organisation, we designed and implemented a preference centre that incorporated fully compliant GDPR opt-in processes. The solution was built across the marketing automation and CRM platforms ensuring that all customer facing teams were working to a single view of the customer.

Our client operates in a highly regulated industry and adopted a risk averse stance towards GDPR. Part of this included a ‘double opt-in’ requirement for all non-contractual customer data. The systems and processes currently in use were siloed with no single view of a customer’s data.

We designed, built and deployed a client facing preference centre and associated GDPR processes, results included:

  • Over 96% of marketable data being maintained as of May 25th, 2018
  • Previously unknown customer insights captured and used to deliver more personalised, relevant communications
  • Single view of consent and preferences across multiple platforms and systems to enable relevant and informed customer dialogue
  • Solution delivered in five languages

Creating technology, processes and organisational alignment to achieve GDPR compliance

Our client operates in a heavily regulated sector; to ensure compliance they made a corporate decision to adopt a double-opt in approach to GDPR marketing. As with many organisations, there was inconsistent knowledge of GDPR across the business and the potential business impact on maintaining dialogue using key channels such as email, direct communications and events.

The marketing operations team led the internal initiative and recognised the opportunity to improve the quality of their current dataset. Senior stakeholders from across customer-facing functions were engaged (including marketing, sales and service) as were IT, Operations and Commercial leaders to ensure the different requirements were captured and considered during the solution design.

Alongside GDPR requirements, the Discovery phase identified the current limitations in capturing and orchestrating a client’s stated or demonstrated preferences in any consistent way. This resulted in communications being distributed based on historic need or assumption rather than understanding an individual’s stated (and changing) interests and preferences.

Gaining consent, preferences and happy clients

Partnering with a range of stakeholders (including Marketing, Sales, Client Servicing, Market Leads, CRM, Operations, Compliance and Legal teams), we designed and deployed a solution that created a single view of customer’s interest and preferences across both Marketing Automation (Marketo) and CRM (Salesforce). We created a series of processes that ensured data could be captured from multiple sources and was automatically synchronised and managed to ensure policy compliance and responsive and relevant customer follow up.
Our solution comprised of the following elements:

  1. Gateway page providing appropriate security when accessing thePreference Centre, along with capturing additional profiling data points to inform future persona and personalisation
  2. Preference centre capturing promotional and service information preferences
  3. A series of Double Opt-in processing mechanisms including capture and storage of compliant data such as opt-in date stamps and sources.
  4. Series of connected processes that provided clear governance on the orchestration of consent data
  5. Relevant orientation and training sessions across different stakeholder group to present the solution and highlight impact and requirements from their role

Don’t forget the customer! The way we designed and built the solution was guided by the customer experience; each area of the preference centre uses mechanisms to improve the UX and ensure the customer is always in control of their own data.

The results to date have been a huge success with:

  • Over 96% of marketable data being maintained as of May 25th, 2018
  • Over 3,000 Preference Centre completions to date (campaigns are still in progress)
  • 86% of single opt-ins converted to double opt-in to date
  • Previously unknown customer insights now used to deliver more personalised, relevant communications and allow salespeople to have more informed conversations with clients
  • Verbal feedback from clients regarding the impressive nature of the Preference Centre
  • The marketing teams able to easily segment compliant data across EMEA using Marketo segments

GDPR provides a unique opportunity for organisations to shift from assumptive to data driven marketing, allowing them to identify and focus on contacts and accounts that have a clearly defined need and demonstrable interest in specific products and services.

If you have any comments or would like to talk to us about how to optimise your sales and marketing efforts after the impact of GDPR, we’d be delighted to hear from you.


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