Getting the right cultural ‘fit’ when recruiting in Martech

In this post, Luke Rodwell, our newly appointed Head of Talent at WoolfHodson shares his thoughts on the importance of ensuring the right ‘cultural fit’ when recruiting virtually and how technology can help in the process.

What have the last 12 months taught businesses about the importance of instilling and maintaining company culture?

‘How’ we work and ‘why’ we work have changed markedly in response to Covid-19.  Working for an organisation that aligns with our values has become increasingly important.  Employees want to feel appreciated and work for purpose-led leadership teams that they respect. 

Company culture must be authentic and is the manifestation of the values and behaviours of all staff rather than a prescribed list of actions. The pandemic has further emphasised that Employee Brand and Corporate Brand are intrinsically linked and that the culture of an organisation can have a significant impact on its commercial success.  

How can companies adapt their culture in a remote working/hybrid workplace?  

Communication and trust will be key as Work from Home becomes Work from Anywhere / Hybrid working, while employees continue to prioritise flexible working options. Companies with a culture of empowerment and openness, that measure output rather than activity will fare better than those with a Command and Control environment. 

Culture is an embedded way of behaving – get it right and employees will do the right thing whether they are at the boardroom table or the kitchen table. 

As remote working causes the talent pool to widen, how can you ensure this talent and new recruits are the right fit for your culture?  

The key is to ensure hiring managers and recruiters can accurately articulate the company culture throughout all the stages of the recruitment process.  Everything, from job descriptions to interviews must reflect the DNA of the organisation so that candidates who add to this culture can be identified. 

Articulating culture virtually can be more complicated, so how can companies use Martech to ensure the ‘virtual’ culture matches the ‘physical office’ culture?   

Employer culture has become a key focus for candidates. The use of recruitment marketing technology will increase to interact with potential talent, often over an extended period, prior to their appointment. This move towards ‘Talent Engagement’ rather than ‘Talent Acquisition’ requires the sophisticated use of personalised content that can be provided through the proactive utilisation of marketing technology.  

How has WoolfHodson aligned the company to attract the right Martechmarketing and consulting talent when recruiting? 

Every member of WoolfHodson has contributed their thoughts on the culture of the company and the types of individuals who would add to this culture. This has helped hiring managers and myself, as Head of Talent, to tailor our assessment and selection process to optimise fit for both the individual and for WoolfHodson. If someone is curious, collaborative and client focussed then they are likely to align well with our culture. 

We are always keen to connect with great talent and are currently recruiting for a Senior Martech Consultant.  Please take a look at our recruitment page  for more details. 


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